Forming Department

This is a historical department of the company which has evolved over time, offering particularly useful employment opportunities in the production of components for metalworking.
This process is often used after laser cutting or punching and allows the moulding and forming of high-performance products, with aesthetic requirements and more.
With this solution and a careful selection of local suppliers, we have been able to offer cost-effective solutions on mass-produced parts with limited quantities (in the thousands), and to contain the costs of manufacturing equipment and production.

The machines present in the department are:

  • N 1 MURARO HYDRAULIC press 1000 tonnes
  • N 1 BENELLI MECHANICAL press 620 tonnes
    equipped with automatic winding unit with rollers for material up to 6 mm
  • N 1 BENELLI MECHANICAL press 250 tonnes
    with automatic unwinder
  • N 1 ZANI MECHANICAL press 160 tonnes
  • N 1 ZANI MECHANICAL press 100 tonnes
  • N 1 BENELLI MECHANICAL press 80 tonnes
  • N 1 ROSS MECHANICAL press 60 tonnes

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