Laser Cutting

What we offer to our customers

We are able to cut various types of sheet metal up to 20 mm thick and more. We have experience and extensive expertise, particularly as regards the care of the materials used and finishes which, thanks to this, do not require any further processing through sheet straightening or edge-trimming machines.

High production capacity

Laser cutting with oxygen and nitrogen
Cut definition ± 1 dm also used for drilling
In-house cutting capabilities: cutting thickness of up to 20 mm as well as 14 mm in stainless steel
For greater cutting thicknesses: we rely on a network of approved suppliers providing traceability of supplies



Maximum cut length 3000 mm
Maximum cut width 1500 mm

Sheet metal up to 25 mm
Steel up to 12 mm
Aluminium alloy up to 4 mm


For thicknesses up to 8 mm

For length ref. table IT14
For width ref. table IT14
Decimal ref. table IT14

For thicknesses greater than 8 mm
For length ref. table IT15
For width ref. table IT15
Decimal ref. table IT15