Consulting and Design

As part of a sizeable investment in the company’s Research & Development activities, in accordance with the strategic goal of continuous improvement, ITLA has decided to extend its expertise into the study and verification of advance feasibility analyses of the product, critical implementation issues, differentiated costing according to lots, the optimisation of processes or products if/where possible, and product and equipment checking systems.

Off-line simulation systems on the equipment allow us to hypothesise the effectiveness of jig solutions with relatively short times and good degrees of success, relative to the actual production of the piece. Equipment and jigs often designed internally or with our partner studios enable us to contextualise production requests within a reliable and repetitive production cycle.

This activity makes it possible to formulate differentiated offers relative to degrees of rigour required by each customer’s project, the expected performance and the controls required by the system.

quality control

Quality Control

The company has held UNI ISO 9001 certification since 2000 and has a quality management system based on work phases and critical issues that have emerged during production roll-out phases and through requests or reports from customers.

At ITLA, internal controls are implemented at every phase to prevent non-conforming products from reaching any subsequent phase.
A specific Action Plan has been launched to include suppliers of surface treatments or subcontracted processing activities in an extensive improvement project. Firewall activities and checks prior to shipment (double checks) have been increased. Their purpose is to ensure the customer does not experience the inconvenience of receiving a non-conforming piece.

Additionally, an IT network follows all scraps internally along with the reason for the scrap, and a shared analysis of the root causes takes place on a weekly basis to raise awareness levels of teams involved throughout the company.

In the new company mission, the quality service must be able to verify conditions previously communicated to the customer through the consulting and design service during commercial and technical phases of the offer.


Supply Management

We can manage supplies for our best customers:
Orders on customer platforms with extended monthly and weekly planning. Implementation of EDI system for:
KIT orders
KANBAN orders
Closed orders

logistic warehouse


Large covered structure measuring 1,200 m² to maintain the characteristics of the material.
Computerised traceability of material upon prior request on the delivery note of the goods.
Declaration of origin.

material certification


Sending on of processing material certificates upon explicit request at the time of ordering.



Management through our own means of the transport cells for Kanban lines. We use external means in the case of a request for the management of loads and shipments.