Laser Cutting Department

Our Laser Cutting department was established alongside the first purchase of a Trumpf machine in 1994 and has evolved over time to further meet the demands of our customers. Over time we have purchased 16 machines. We have experience and extensive expertise, particularly as regards the care of the materials used and finishes, which do not require any further processing through sheet straightening or edge-trimming machines.

The machines present in the department are:

  • N 2 TRUMPF 5030 C02 machines
    1500×3000 fed by shift and sheetmaster
  • N 1 RUMPF C02 machine
    2000X4000 fed by sheetmaster
  • N 1 TRUMPF 3030 Fibre machine
    fed by Antil automation tower dedicated to thicknesses below 6 mm
  • N 1 MADA 6K Fibre machine
    with double automation tower and TK system for automatic unpacking

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