Metal bending Department

Automatic development from 3D on 3 bending machines. Off-line development system using the tools available for simulation and programming of machines, both direct and indirect.
Creation of special equipment for complex projects or projects with financial targets penalised by low quantities.

We can provide estimates specifically for high-volume manufacturing performed by automated robots and relative palletizing.

The machines present in the department are:


  • N 1 Piegatrice TRIUMPH 5320
    (ton 400 mt 4) di cui 1 asservita con Robot Antil e l’altra da Carroponte OMiS
  • N 1 Piegatrice TRIUMPH 230
    (ton 200 mt 3)
  • N 1 Piegatrice COLGAR
    (ton 400 mt 4)
  • N 1 Piegatrice COLGAR
    (ton 100 mt 2)

Bending with automation

  • N 1 TRUBEND Cell con Triumph 5320
  • N 1 TRUMABEND v230 con braccio automatico
  • N 1 Piegatrice AMADA
    con sistema di preparazione degli attrezzaggi sia delle matrici che dei punzoni off line (ton 100 mt3)

Panel Bending machine

    con campo di lavoro 1250×2500 mm (diagonale 3000 mm)

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