Welding Department

In the welding department we perform both robotic and manual welding. We have held ISO 3834 certification for Welding since August 2015.

Ability to process for two and three daily shifts
Jigs designed in-house
Licensed operators


The department has:

  • N. 10 Manual welding stations

    with pulsed and double-pulsed MIG/MAG welding machines
  • Automatic servo rotary positioners and line feeding through overhead crane
  • N. 1 Robot with 2 stations

    for medium-heavy metalwork (March 2010)
  • New area for re-welding using TIG process
  • Checks in process 9712 on structural welding
  • N. 6 Welding robots

    with double and triple stations
  •  Lathes and tail stocks for handling of products

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